California marijuana industry safety and health bill penned into law

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation requiring at least one employee and manager of all licensed marijuana businesses to undergo job-related safety and health training, his office announced Sunday.

The Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, sponsored by Rep. Reggie Jones-Sawyer, a Democrat from Los Angeles, specifically calls for:

  • At least one supervisor and one employee to successfully complete a Cal/OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 30-hour industry course offered by an authorized training provider.
  • Complete training within a year of the cannabis business receiving its license or having its license renewed.

James Araby, executive director of the United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council, applauded the legislation as a move to help prevent unnecessary harm in an industry where thousands of workers face health and safety risks.

He noted in a statement that industry employees “work with heavy machinery and are exposed to cannabis byproducts and chemicals in laboratories where testing is done on a daily basis. Workers must know how to be safe and how to report violations.”

Other organizations that supported the legislation include:

  • California Labor Federation AFL-CIO
  • California Police Chiefs Association
  • California Teamsters Public Affairs Council
  • United Cannabis Business Association

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3 comments on “California marijuana industry safety and health bill penned into law
  1. Old Timer on

    More regulation in an already overregulated industry.
    California continuing its practices, which despite the stated intents, discourage needed development, new businesses, and expansion of existing enterprises.
    Building a house in California costs 3x as much as in other states, mostly due to regulation, especially overly stringent building codes and exorbitant permitting fees.
    The California business climate is fueling the migration out. Arizona, Texas, Florida, Idaho, and The Carolinas are experiencing growth and benefitting from California’s failures. When business owners and entrepreneurs leave the State, they take their companies, jobs, innovation, and tax revenues with them. Workers will go where they can find work and have a decent quality of life. Those who don’t want to work and want a handout will be the overwhelming demographic if California continues in this direction. Then there will be the relatively few ultra rich who will stay to pay for it all.
    Brown has done so much damage to the State already. Due to the political trajectory and resulting economics, I am considering moving my real estate investments out of California before things get worse. I am sure there are many others who see things this way and will take evasive action to protect themselves from our state government.

    • Darcy Murphine on

      I’ve heard this sad missive for the last 30 years. I’ve lived and worked in CA my whole life. People are streaming in and business continues to grow despite the regulatory environment. Sure, some leave. But then ten more take their place. If you want to go … bye! The rest of us will work toward making CA cleaner and safer for all who live here.

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