California cannabis regulators defer business license renewal fees

California’s three licensing authorities will all begin immediately deferring business license renewal fees for marijuana companies as part of the state’s coronavirus response, the agencies said in a joint news release.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control and the departments of Food and Agriculture and Public Health said licensed marijuana businesses whose permits expire between May 14 and June 30 can request that their license fees be deferred for up to 60 days.

License fees already paid this year for renewals will not be refunded however, according to the release.

The California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) applauded the move, calling it a “step in the right direction.”

“While the cannabis industry was thankful for being deemed an essential business, the industry as a whole has been left out of the relief programs at both the state and federal levels that have eased financial burdens faced by all businesses,” the CCIA noted.

“The fee deferral announcement that came out today is a step in the right direction. We are encouraged that industry advocacy efforts have evolved into actions that provide real relief for the essential regulated cannabis industry.”

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2 comments on “California cannabis regulators defer business license renewal fees
  1. Female Marijuana on

    Countless of growers today are free to cultivate their own cannabis plant without any consequences. And because of the legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana, many people all over the world are inspired to start their own cannabis garden.

  2. David Martinez on

    CBD is a definite help for my wife and I. We sleep better, longer with just 300mg potency tinctures. Marijuana has many uses medically. I’m excited that they are finally deeming essential these many benefits.


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