Another California marijuana testing lab accused of falsifying results

Another California cannabis testing lab has been accused by a former employee of misrepresenting marijuana potency numbers.

The allegation emerged because of a legal dispute between Oregon-based Green Leaf Lab, which also has a facility in Sacramento, and competitor 2 River Labs, according to the Sacramento Business Journal.

Only three months earlier, a different Sacramento marijuana testing lab, Sequoia Analytical, was shuttered after it came to light the company had falsified test results for hundreds of cannabis products.

Green Leaf sued 2 River Labs in January, alleging that Sacramento-based 2 River Labs’ former director, Renee Engle-Goodner, stole trade secrets and delivered them to that company, where she now works.

In a cross-complaint filed recently, Engle-Goodner claimed that at Green Leaf’s Portland, Oregon lab, she was asked “whether she would be comfortable ‘fudging’ potency numbers in cannabis products,” the Business Journal reported.

Engle-Goodner alleges Green Leaf CEO Rowshan Reordan said falsifying test results was needed to “increase business.”

Engle-Goodner also contends she was terminated last October by Green Leaf for complaining about a hostile work environment and that her testing falsification allegations do not extend to Green Leaf’s California lab, where she never worked.

An attorney for Green Leaf called Engle-Goodner’s cross-complaint “a way to distract from the allegations … (that) involve unlawful misappropriation of trade secrets.” The attorney said a detailed response would be forthcoming in another court filing.

Green Leaf opened for business in Sacramento on Feb. 15 with a state testing lab license that’s valid through Sept. 4.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control declined to comment on the allegations.

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4 comments on “Another California marijuana testing lab accused of falsifying results
  1. Laurie Wolf on

    I have used Green Leaf Labs in Portland for over two years. They could not be more professional, they never inflate numbers (I know that labs do that), and the people who work there, in every capacity, show nothing but integrity and passion for what they do. As far as I am concerned they could not be more compliant with the rules.

  2. Dirk Gelntly on

    Your experience isn’t relevant. I’m guessing that you’re a small nobody of a client. When a client is huge. bringing in hundreds of pounds a harvest. They’re risk of capital is huge. Commodification of cannabis has these groups with millions on the line seeking any competitive advantage. More thc/Cbd than the competition.

    • Julia Krase on

      Dirk, you know Laurie Wolf runs Laurie & MaryJane here in Oregon, a pretty large edible company supplying to most of Oregon. Not a small player at all.

      • chef sebastian carosi on

        Amd you think that that makes her exempt from anything being reported… they have had thier ups akd definate downs here in otegon amd the northwest.. just cause she owns a company doesn’t make her any less quilty than the rest if the dollar sign chasers.. her company sells candy , sugar and basicky nothing that leads us back to the reason we medically amd recreationally legalized cannabis.. under the auspice of medicine and health.. not more sugar laden products.. sugar causes cancer, cannabis is a cancer combatant

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