California MMJ businessman, attorney charged with felonies

The founder of a San Diego medical cannabis distribution company, along with several of his employees and his attorney, have been charged with felony crimes by the county district attorney.

The charges are all related to a case that’s been ongoing for nearly a year and a half, since local police raided Med-West Distribution, a defunct San Diego MMJ concentrate distributor, in January 2016. The DA’s office, however, was recently ordered to return $100,000 that the agency seized from James Slatic and his family.

But District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis isn’t letting the case go. Her office filed charges this week against Slatic, four Med-West employees and Jessica McElfresh, Slatic’s attorney, for multiple felony crimes, including manufacturing a controlled substance, conspiracy to commit a crime, and obstruction of justice, NBC 7 San Diego reported.

While attempted prosecutions against cannabis business executives is nothing new – especially in California – it’s rare for a cannabis business attorney to also be charged.

The criminal complaint alleges that McElfresh helped Slatic cover up a cannabis concentrate manufacturing operation.

McElfresh tried to “ensure all evidence of the manufacturing and possession of concentrated cannabis was removed” before a government inspection of Med-West’s business facility in April 2015 and “led inspectors to believe the business was only a packaging and paper company,” according to the complaint.

Slatic called the charges a “waste of the taxpayers’ money,” since Med-West has already been run out of business by the DA’s office.

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3 comments on “California MMJ businessman, attorney charged with felonies
  1. Anakka hartwell on

    Dumanis has had a vendetta against the cannabis industry since the passage of 215 back in 2011. She is a hardcore persecutor for anything cannabis. The only good news is that she is not running in 2018. I would like to see Steve Waters run for DA.

  2. Benjamin Doyle on

    Bonnie Dumanis must be voted out of there. I don’t understand why there has not been a reasonable challenge to her position. If you are an attorney who wants to jump start your career, Dumanis is a great foe who is extremely disliked. You would have many allies. San Diego needs you!

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