California nixes marijuana- and hemp-infused alcoholic beverages

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California marijuana alcohol businesses, California nixes marijuana- and hemp-infused alcoholic beverages

For any alcoholic-beverage makers or growers thinking about combining marijuana and alcohol in California, don’t hit the launch button just yet.

The state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) issued a memo spelling out its current stance that infused alcoholic beverages of any stripe – whether infused with THC, CBD or basically any cannabinoids – are prohibited.

That decision stems at least in part from a July 6 Department of Public Health (DPH) policy memo, which stipulated that hemp-based CBD couldn’t be legally added to food or drink.

The ABC’s memo also reminded restaurant and bar owners that they’re further prohibited from allowing consumption onsite and aren’t allowed to sell alcohol and cannabis at the same location.

The one bright spot for business owners? There’s nothing prohibiting a California company from owning both a bar and a marijuana business. They just can’t commingle.