California cannabis sales reach record $348 million in July

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California set a marijuana sales record of $348 million in July, the biggest month since the 2018 rollout of the state’s legal market.

That sales figure comes from Headset, a marijuana data tracking firm based in Seattle.

Before July, the biggest cannabis sales month in California came in March, when many retailers witnessed panic buying by consumers when the coronavirus pandemic took hold. That month, sales were just under $332 million.

This has been a good year all around for California’s legal marijuana market, which is still in something of a multiyear transition after its 2018 launch: Only January’s sales registered below $300 million, and sales that month reached $299.9 million.

California’s 2020 monthly totals are a stark contrast to 2019, when sales got above $300 million for only the final three months of the year.

In the first month of legal sales in California, in January 2018, legal cannabis retailers brought in only $100 million.