California recreational marijuana measure qualifies for Nov. ballot

Advocates of legalizing recreational marijuana in California have succeeded in placing the issue before state voters in November, potentially paving the way to a huge new market that could have nationwide ramifications.

A random sampling by all counties of the 606,000 signatures handed in by supporters showed that the required threshold had been achieved, according to the California Secretary of State, the Sacramento Bee reported.

The newspaper reported that law enforcement organizations oppose the initiative but supporters have managed to raise more money. Tech billionaire Sean Parker has helped bankroll the legalization effort.

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and other California politicians also support the measure.

The initiative would establish a colossal 19 different business licenses, including 13 differing cultivation permits depending on size and whether an operation is indoor or outdoor. The regulations are intended to build on the medical marijuana industry rules the state approved last year.

Recent polling suggests 60% of voters support legalizing recreational marijuana, according to a May poll by the Public Policy Institute of California.

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2 comments on “California recreational marijuana measure qualifies for Nov. ballot
  1. David Hopkins on

    and why would law enforcement be against a regulated and taxed market ? Because they would loose federal funding (DEA is going to change their schedule – so they will be out of ‘the war on drugs’ support money) AND the loss of confiscated monies / properties AND criminal incarceration revenue. talk about self serving jack booted thugs, where are the officers that are supposed to look like their constituents?

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