California releases drafts of final marijuana business regulations

, California releases drafts of final marijuana business regulations

The long-awaited final versions of California’s cannabis business regulations have been published online by the three agencies that oversee the industry.

While the rules will not be completely finalized until approved by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) – and therefore could undergo more changes – the agencies decided to release them before an OAL signoff, which may not be until sometime in January.

The regulations were sent to the OAL on Dec. 3 and were originally not scheduled to be made public until next month.

Alex Traverso, spokesman for the Bureau of Cannabis Control, emphasized that the final regulations will not go into effect until approved by the OAL.

Until then, he noted, the industry will still be governed by emergency regulations that were readopted in June.

To view the regulations, click on the links below:

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5 comments on “California releases drafts of final marijuana business regulations
    • Dee Green on

      Why isn’t there an instrument for brands to register for a license? We’re not processors, cultivators or distributors.

      This does nothing to resolve the issue and brands will surely continue as they have until there’s another path forward.

  1. George Bianchini on

    This is so confusing that we are unable to comply. Please make it conform to ca. code #26013 and 26014.
    Please remove the contradictory language, and please stop changing the onerous and overbearing rules to make them even harder to comply with.
    This is a simple plant, not a nuclear power plant. Hundreds of pages of rules and regulations, yet the BCC forgot a start date. Any chance of knowing when these (one of the below I assume)
    new rules start. That would be helpful.
    Also any news on the two year delay of the track and trace system. Can I also assume that venders can delay implantation of the rules until the BCC is finished with all the changes and delays? I would hate to be in violation of the rules by simply following them to the letter.

    • Bureau of Cannabis Control – Proposed Text of Regulations (45-Day Package)
    • Redline Version of Proposed Regulations
    • Summary of Proposed Regulatory Changes
    • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
    • Initial Statement of Reason
    • Economic and Fiscal Impact Statement – STD. 399 (45-Day Package)
    • Notice Publication/Regulations Submission – STD. 400 (45-Day Package)
    • Documents Incorporated by Reference – Disciplinary Guidelines July 2018
    • Documents Incorporated by Reference – Forms
    • Documents Incorporated by Reference – US FDA Guidelines
    • CA Department of Food & Agriculture – Proposed Text of Regulations
    • CA Department of Public Health – Proposed Text of Regulations
    • •

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