California targets cannabis delivery firm in second enforcement action

California Bureau of Cannabis Control, California targets cannabis delivery firm in second enforcement action

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) on Tuesday announced its second enforcement action against an unlicensed marijuana business, targeting an illegal MJ delivery company in Sacramento.

In a news release, the BCC said the Cannaisseur Club – a delivery company that had previously advertised on sites such as Weedmaps – was shuttered after an investigation by the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Investigations’ Cannabis Enforcement Unit.

The enforcement unit, working in conjunction with the Sacramento Police Department, served a warrant at the business on Aug. 22 and seized almost 49 pounds of cannabis flower, 1.6 pounds of marijuana concentrates, about 19 pounds of edibles and $1,486 in cash.

Alex Traverso, a spokesman for the BCC, said he couldn’t immediately confirm if any arrests were made or criminal charges filed in connection with the warrant.

“It’s definitely shut down,” Traverso said of the Cannaisseur Club, which is described on the company website as a “non-profit medical cannabis patients’ collective.”

Traverso added that this is part of an ongoing enforcement plan by regulators. The DCA’s Cannabis Enforcement Unit has around “600 cases we’ve sent their way, complaints about illegal activity they’re following up on. … They’re pretty inundated.”

On Monday, the BCC announced its first enforcement action involving criminal charges against an unlicensed retailer in Costa Mesa. A defendant in that case is facing four misdemeanor counts, and if convicted on all four could face up to two years in jail and a $4,000 fine, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

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8 comments on “California targets cannabis delivery firm in second enforcement action
  1. Aaron Wahl on

    It’s a big question concerning health of masses. There could be a few businesses who are supplying spurious medical marijuana. In fact, the State should restrict sale and supply of medical marijuana only through reputed clinics so that interest of general public are safe in the hands of trustworthy section of society.

    • Bruce marsh on

      The state has allowed unregulated sales since 1998 with no harm at all. Millions of people have smoked millions of pounds, if not tons, of unregulated weed for the last 100 years of modern medicine. Where are all the victims? Cannabis does not need regulation, it needs a FREE MARKET, not idiotic fear mongering so the bcc can collect taxes.

    • George Bianchini on

      Good point Aaron,
      As a matter of fact prop 64 did just exactly that. Although they call the clinics you suggest dispensaries. They come as brick and mortar shops as well as delivery services. The one in the article is not “reputed” as they are not a State licensed operator.
      Please take notice that this is just a misdemeanor and hundreds if not thousands of former prop 215 compliant MMJ companies cannot get a state license in the time allotted combined with the BCC alcohol board making rules and regulations that are so onerous that an average business person can not comply.

      • George Bianchini on

        In a notice I just received from the BCC, they stated, “The search warrant resulted in the seizure of cannabis flower, concentrates and edibles. The Cannaisseur Club also charged customers for the local taxes, but failed to remit those taxes to the state”

        Stealing sales tax is a real crime and I do not and will not defend real crimes. This moves them from the grey market to the black market, and potentially from a misdemeanor to a felony. Sales tax is a necessity to run the State. The BCC 15% tax and the other 100% hidden tax in the form of fee’s are simply greed to fuel the new State’s cartel cash cow.
        Shame, shame!!!!!

  2. Doc on

    BCC’s vision for cannabis in California: legal in principle; unavailable in practice. Anyone who watched this develop knew the state was erecting a fatally flawed system with onerous regulations, execessive taxes and fees, and an utter lack of resources to support the scheme even for those who want to operate in full compliance.

    Look no further than the state’s incompetence to understand why these unlicensed retailers continue to operate. Licensing is for suckers under their rules.

    This is practically entrapment. I will not patronize licensed shops. If for no other reason than the closest one is 20 miles further than the closest unlicensed shop.

  3. William Dake on

    It is disappointing that the BCC and other State Outfits make problems for people who want to use, grow or sell medical or recreational Cannabis legally. I have friends who have died from cancer, suffer from epilepsy, glaucoma and other Maladies and I have been frustrated that they ignore my suggestions to give it a try as I am not a Doctor. They tend to stick their heads in the sand and sit back and deteriorate or die, which makes me cry.

    200 years of living under the US constitution that claims this as a government Of the People , by the People and for the People should mean something. Government should help not hinder. President Nixon (Tricky Dick) did a great job snowing We the People when he made it Illegal to
    research Marijuana, which does not make sense. Everything as far as legal or illegal drugs should not have laws against research, because there may be some good to be found in it. “The Truth Shall Make you Free.” It is stupid to hide the facts and that should be illegal When fair research is allowed it always comes up making Cannabis look good. Presidents have commissioned teams of scientists to research it and their findings indicate that it is relatively harmless and seems to help heal or cure some of the most harmful diseases known, including Cancer. Incredibly these Presidents looked at the research and tossed them in the garbage. The Government has suppressed this information for over 40 years. One can only imagine how many people have died of Cancer since then that could have been saved. Thanks to countries like Israel who actually practice honesty, we realize the truth and our Gov should help rather than hinder access to this God Given plant that is mentioned in the Bible for it’s potential for humanity.

    As of late there has been movement to further criminalize “Stoned Driving”, while Law Enforcement has know since 1968 when the Michigal State Police set up an obstacle course to test drivers who were given Marijuana and set out on the course. They compared Regular Users and those who imbibed for the first time for the purpose of the test, Drunk Drivers (no pot), and Straight Drivers. Straight drivers did well as expected and the regular users did the same, while 1st timers screwed up, but not as bad as the drunks who made a mess out of the course. Word of advise: if you are mixing Booze and Pot, always do pot first and you won’t drink so much, but if you are drunk do not do Pot as it will greatly magnify the effects of the Booze.

    • George Bianchini on

      “Word of advise: if you are mixing Booze and Pot, always do pot first and you won’t drink so much, but if you are drunk do not do Pot as it will greatly magnify the effects of the Booze.”

      Sounds like reasonable advise. We should start a research study to verify these findings. As long as we are testing legal drugs, let’s include Ritalin, Adderall, Seconal and last but not least Fentanyl.
      The results might be enlightening. Legality does not make a drug safe, Cannabis just is. Remember to drive sober, cars kill 30,000 of us a year, no need to help that number along. While all this has nothing to do with John Schroyer’s article. I just wanted to address Mr. Drake’s well thought out comments.

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