Canada sees steady adult-use cannabis sales growth in January

Canadian cannabis retail sales grew 4.3% from December to January despite declining month-over-month sales in Quebec, according to the latest monthly data from Statistics Canada.

More than 154 million Canadian dollars ($107 million) worth of adult-use cannabis products were sold by retailers in January, continuing an upward national trend sales since legalization in October 2018.

Statistics Canada’s January retail sales data begin to capture the impact of so-called “cannabis 2.0” products, such as vape pens and edibles.

Those products started becoming available in some provinces on a limited basis in December and were in short supply throughout January.

In Quebec, where the provincial government has banned sales of vape pens and restricted edibles in the name of public health, legal cannabis sales declined by 4.3% on a monthly basis to nearly CA$32 million in January.

In contrast, January cannabis sales in Canada’s biggest province, Ontario, increased 10% on a monthly basis to exceed CA$37 million.

British Columbia’s licensed cannabis stores also enjoyed month-over-month sales growth in January, rising 11% to CA$19.7 million.

Cannabis sales increased 3% to CA$33.3 million in Alberta.

Alberta has the highest number of licensed cannabis stores at 433.

A monthly breakdown of Canada’s adult-use cannabis sales is available here.