Canadian cannabis sales rebound to almost CA$300 million in March

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Canadian retail sales of regulated adult-use cannabis increased by 13.8% in March compared to February, rebounding from a decline during the previous month, according to the latest data from Statistics Canada.

The March cannabis sales figures were not adjusted to account for the fact the month has three more days than February.

On a national level, recreational cannabis sales hit a record of 298.1 million Canadian dollars ($247.4 million) for the month, with sales increasing in every province and territory.

Ontario’s growing market led the provinces with a 19.2% month-over-month increase in sales to CA$103.4 million.

In order of market size, other provincial monthly sales figures and their monthly increases were:

  • Alberta: CA$58.9 million (up 10.3%)
  • Quebec: CA$48.3 million (up 10.4%)
  • British Columbia: CA$41.3 million (up 11.7%)
  • Saskatchewan: CA$13 million (up 8.8%)
  • Manitoba: CA$11.2 million (up 15.1%)
  • Nova Scotia: CA$7.8 million (up 11.2%)
  • New Brunswick: CA$6.6 million (up 13.4%)
  • Newfoundland: CA$4.6 million (up 13.9%)
  • Prince Edward Island: CA$1.7 million (up 11%)

Monthly adult-use cannabis sales totaled CA$760,000 in Yukon and CA$626,000 in the Northwest Territories. No figure was available for Nunavut.

Among Canadian cities tracked by Statistics Canada, March retail marijuana sales and monthly increases over February were:

  • Toronto: CA$39.1 million (up 11.5%)
  • Montreal: CA$24.8 million (up 10.4%)
  • Edmonton: CA$19.7 million (up 11%)
  • Calgary: CA$15.9 million (up 11.5%)
  • Vancouver: $12.5 million (up 12.7%)
  • Ottawa: CA$9.7 million (up 21.5%)
  • Winnipeg: CA$8 million (up 13.9%)
  • Quebec City: CA$5.8 million (up 12%)
  • Gatineau: CA$1.4 million (up 13.1%)

Statistics Canada’s March 2021 cannabis retail sales figures are available here.