Canadian cannabis sales rise in August, surpassing CA$3 billion in 2023

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Canada’s recreational cannabis industry continued to experience steady monthly growth this year, with sales in August rising to 464.2 million Canadian dollars ($339 million), or a 4% increase over July, according to the latest data released by Statistics Canada.

However, the annual trend continues to show a significant deceleration in growth.

In 2021, from January to August, sales rose 59% over the previous year.

In 2022, sales in the respective months increased 20.5% from 2021 to CA$2.9 billion.

So far this year, recreational cannabis sales have increased approximately 13.7% year-over-year to roughly CA$3.34 billion.

Ontario underpinned national growth.

In August, recreational cannabis sales in Canada’s largest provincial economy rose by CA$12.4 million compared to the previous month – an increase of 7% – to CA$188.5 million.

The second-biggest rise in provincial sales occurred in British Columbia, where the recreational increase was almost CA$3 million in August over July, or 4.1%, to CA$73.9 million.

Quebec’s sales inched higher by 2.7% to CA$55.9 million in August.

Manitoba was the only province to experience a meaningful decline, as sales contracted by 7.5% to CA$15.4 million that month.

In the remaining provinces, sales totals and month-over-month changes were:

  • Alberta: CA$78.6 million (even).
  • British Columbia: CA$73.9 million (+4.1%).
  • Nova Scotia: CA$10.6 million (+2.9%).
  • New Brunswick: CA$8.5 million (+6%).
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: CA$7.6 million (+5.1%).
  • Saskatchewan: CA$20.5 million (+3.3%).
  • Prince Edward Island: CA$2.3 million (+2.2%).

In Yukon, sales increased slightly to CA$1.3 million.

No data was available for Northwest Territories or Nunavut.

Provincial sales are available here.

In August, Toronto saw the second-biggest gain among all Canadian municipalities by dollars, rising by about CA$4 million over July, or 7%, to CA$62.2 million.

Montreal’s sales grew by 3.4% to CA$30.2 million in the month.

August cannabis retail sales in remaining selected cities and monthly sales changes were:

  • Edmonton, Alberta: CA$26.1 million (even).
  • Vancouver, British Columbia: CA$22.8 million (even).
  • Calgary, Alberta: CA$21.9 million (-1.3%).
  • Ottawa, Ontario: CA$17 million (+7%).
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba: CA$9.3 million (-7.5%).
  • Quebec City: CA$5 million (+1%).
  • Gatineau, Quebec: CA$1.3 million (+3.5%).

Municipal cannabis sales are available here.