Canadian medical cannabis firm targeted in class-action suit

Canadian medical marijuana producer OrganiGram, having already replaced its CEO, now is the subject of a proposed class-action lawsuit involving pesticide-contaminated cannabis.

A court must certify the proposed lawsuit before it can proceed.

A Halifax-based law firm alleged in its Friday filing that the lead plaintiff consumed OrganiGram’s MMJ products for almost a year before learning the cannabis could be contaminated with potentially toxic pesticides, the Montreal Gazette reported.

The firm also said in its proposed lawsuit that upwards of 2,000 Canadians may have purchased medical marijuana products containing either myclobutanil or bifenazate, pesticides that are not approved for use on cannabis.

Myclobutanil in particular is controversial throughout the cannabis industry. Popular among many marijuana growers because of its effectiveness in fighting powdery mildew, myclobutanil creates hydrogen cyanide when burned.

OrganiGram voluntarily recalled tainted products in December and January, and Health Canada subsequently implemented random MMJ-testing procedures nationwide.

Despite an investigation, the Moncton, New Brunswick, company said it could not determine how its MMJ became contaminated with pesticides.

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3 comments on “Canadian medical cannabis firm targeted in class-action suit
  1. Ghost on

    You don’t have to publish this, but you are in a position to educate and effect change. This pulls relevant examples from different industries together but will be too logical for some, too emotionally challenging. So I offer you this for your reading pleasure as a ghost writer….

    “…could be contaminated with potentially toxic pesticides” Could be, potentially, but no bodies and no hospitalizations? And of course the obligatory “Not approved for cannabis” shows up, adding to the uncertainty, the fear. In fact we have story after story yelling about massive pesticide levels in products people are consuming, with self-serving calls to action. But where are the bodies, where is the physical damage? it appears we have bad regulatory standards and exposure limits creating unnecessary fear.

    Read the description of the lawsuit again, it appears there is no physical harm. It appears the lawsuit is positioning for emotional trauma. To me that is critical, is the basis of this lawsuit physical or emotional damage? California Proposition 65 and lead in drinking water crusades share the same common failure, they are based on fear rather than actual risk. If we can see it, and people tell us it is scary, we are afraid. So who created the fear, the emotional damage in this case? The pesticide result that didn’t hurt anyone (give me a little slack here please) or the regulations/limits that tell us we should be afraid? Stay with me.

    Analytical technology marches on until we can see lower and lower levels of contaminants like lead in our water samples, and this continues until every well in America is contaminated by this deadly toxin. And then 20 years later we realize we were wrong, over zealous. But no one admits it, and no one wants to be the one to scale back the regulatory limit, we just start to ignore low levels of lead in drinking water and scale back enforcement. Look into pesticides testing and enforcement of limits on fruits and vegetables to see how this industry has quietly done the same thing.

    And I find it interesting that a conclusion regarding pesticides on tobacco found the tobacco to be worse than the pesticides. Enough of the fear, and science in the name of fear. We need to be scientists again and re-evaluate the toxicity of pesticides and other compounds. Remember Acrylamide in fried foods?! That was so 10 years ago….. And the beat goes on…..

  2. vinny on

    YOU pay $1500 to $1600 for a month to a company for a months supply, only to be notified by email that the ORGANIC product that you purchased was tested by another company and had pesticides in it. Are you kidding me! Don’t give me your garbage about drinking water etc etc. This is an organic product no chemicals were to be used. Grab a brain

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