Cannabis churches on the rise in California as alternative to dispensaries

Small-scale churches that specialize in marijuana are becoming increasingly common across California, creating yet more competition for retailers that want to operate as for-profit ventures instead of tax-exempt religious institutions.

Churches that have integrated cannabis use with worship ceremonies have cropped up in Oakland, Roseville, Modesto and San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties, California Healthline reported.

So far, “a few have been shut down by law enforcement,” according to Healthline.

But many are still operating openly, and California has a lengthy history of marijuana enthusiasts finding loopholes in the law to fit new models of trafficking and consumption, and law enforcement officials like San Jose’s city attorney are taking action against what he calls “illegal dispensaries,” Healthline reported.

Such churches are also likely contributing to a general downturn in dispensary sales that has hit a number of retailers across California, as price-conscious consumers search out the cheapest possible options for purchasing marijuana.

Many such consumers used to rely on dispensaries, but in recent years many have turned to quasi-legal delivery services or other outlets such as MJ churches, which often sell cannabis in a “gift shop” or give it away in exchange for donations.

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8 comments on “Cannabis churches on the rise in California as alternative to dispensaries
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    Let the good times roll. The herb creates a virtuous economic cycle while inspiring folks to peace and prosperity. The Marijuana Movement is the largest Affinity Group in the Nation and the only viable political movement in the land. The Movement itself is a Church based on a shared belief, the the herb is a good thing, from the Creator. Our unity is changing the World’s point of view on all things.

    • Paul Canopy on

      Cannabis churches are a sham! We’ve been battling these in Colorado. Generally ran by former street dealers looking to cash in using a loophole in the legal language… but, won’t pass the legal test when pressed. They take away profits from licensed legal dispensaries, pay no taxes to local and state, and do not have to conform to testing and purity standards for their product. Don’t be fooled if you’re operating one in Cali… they will be able to shut you down.

      • Darby Mayer on

        Maybe that’s because people in Colorado may only be searching for money. Have you ever given thought to the fact that maybe not all patients can afford the prices of “legal dispensaries”. I would have thought Colorado would have implemented patient needs into their fiscal gains by now……..

        • Birda on

          It would be great if scientist actually cared about people these days, in the early days of our country doctors and scientist cared about curing disease. Today, things have surely changed. And until people stand up and demand truth, nothing will change.

  2. Lyle Courtsal on

    If you look at the beer/wine markets, there’s at least two tiers; the bud and the spendy branded yuppy snob stuff. You would look at the long term growth potentials of the markets if y’all were smart. And remember, us street dealers ran it for the AIDS patients just giving it away sometimes unlike most “snobs” who are merely legally responsible. . . . And try and remember there’s still much better people than you in prison doing time when the drug war was really destroying lives. Hard to forget if you were and are under the gun. . . Eddy Lepp carried an extended family of 15+ people before he was arrested in California with $20 million in toasty. . . . Oh, that you would do as good. . .

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