NACB drawing up marijuana social equity advice for state regulators

One of the cannabis industry’s only self-regulatory standards organizations is creating social equity recommendations for state rulemakers.

The goal of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses, based in Washington DC, is to get state marijuana regulators to change their ways.

Regulators have shown a tendency to want to start from scratch when developing rules for new cannabis programs and fail to consult other states’ existing frameworks.

According to a news release, the NACB’s recommendations will address:
  • Criteria for social equity licensee candidates.
  • Support and services for qualified candidates.
  • Funding to disproportionately impacted communities.
  • Social justice reform.

“The objective is to assist all regulated cannabis states to move forward with programs to improve social and economic welfare at the local level,” Gina Kranwinkel, president and CEO of the association, said in a statement.

Kranwinkel said states can give licensing preferences and low-interest loans to create business ownership opportunities and jobs in disadvantaged communities.

For a sampling of organizations and efforts that support, foster and enhance social equity in the cannabis industry as well as opportunities for minorities, overall diversity and racial justice, click here

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One comment on “NACB drawing up marijuana social equity advice for state regulators
  1. demitri downing on

    The concept of social equity is a noble goal and undertaking but the devil is in the details. Having been involved in social equity programs for 30 plus years and cannabis for 8 it has fascinated me to hear the different versions of what social equity means to different people and how programs or opportunities are designed and implemented. Loans for certain “qualified classes” and taxes directed at causes associated with the “wrongs” are probably the most genuine forms but in the licensing game the cannabis industry has become the greatest social equity play is the absolute free market.

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