Marijuana heavyweights unite to form industry group in Canada

, Marijuana heavyweights unite to form industry group in Canada

Two Canadian medical marijuana groups, which include most of the country’s top cultivators, have teamed up to address critical issues affecting businesses and patients across the country with a united voice.

Cannabis Canada Association, which counts close to 60 of Canada’s 102 licensed producers as members, including industry-leader Canopy Growth, partnered with the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council to create the Cannabis Canada Council.

Allan Rewak was appointed executive director of the reorganized industry body. Rewak previously served as vice chair of the Cannabis Canada Association and a partner for consulting firm Pathway Group.

“By sharing our common resources, by sharing our thoughts, we can come up with better policy. That’s going to help the government and the cannabis community better understand how we can work together toward our common objectives,” Rewak told Marijuana Business Daily.

Some areas the group will focus on are the controversial excise tax on medical cannabis and supply chain issues.

“We want to preserve the medical system, we want to remove excise tax on legitimate medical cannabis, and we want to ensure that product differentiation and education can occur,” Rewak said.

Cannabis Canada added three main committees to focus on medical and recreational cannabis:

  • The medical committee will be led by Philippe Lucas, vice president of British Columbia-based Tilray.
  • The adult-use committee will be headed by John Fowler, CEO of Toronto-based Supreme Cannabis Co.
  • Another committee will focus on public affairs.

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2 comments on “Marijuana heavyweights unite to form industry group in Canada
  1. Cees VandenEnden on

    A very welcome action and will be beneficial for the total industry.
    What I’m missing is a committee that will discuss with PMRA-Canada regulation around the registration of pest management measures. Even non-chemical solutions that will work in certain situations are not allowed to be used because of very strict regulations and very expansive registration procedures, not in any relation to the risks involved in natural and non-chemical solutions.

  2. Glen Matthew on

    I am comfortable with an excise tax on Medicine as long as it is for ALL medicine. Taxing medical marijuana is not only hypocritical but should be challenged in the courts as it is my understanding that we the Canadian people have the right to choose our type of medicine to treat our medical ailements. To me, an excise tax on medical marijuana discriminates and therefore, is not equal protection for for those afflicted with mental or physical disabilities.

    Section 15: Equality Rights
    Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

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