Cannabis retailers should embrace out-of-state consumers – after they’ve taken appropriate steps

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the August issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

Medical and recreational cannabis retail stores near state borders have tremendous business opportunities.

They’re able to draw the interest of cannabis consumers in adjacent states that might prohibit the drug and can also benefit from reciprocity laws that allow medical marijuana patients from other states to make purchases, said Nic Easley, who advises MJ businesses across the United States and is CEO of 3C Consulting in Colorado.

Cannabis retailers in adjacent states with recreational marijuana programs – think Washington and Oregon and Oregon and California – can even win out-of-state consumers if their state has lower tax rates or costs, according to Easley.

But there’s a catch, he pointed out.

It’s illegal for consumers to carry cannabis products across state borders, which means marijuana retailers must obey local laws and educate their customers about the rules.

“Something all operators need to get behind is an education campaign – and not just for a business strategy,” Easley said.

“It’s a no-brainer: You don’t want to set consumers up for failure.”

Easley and other cannabis stakeholders spoke with Marijuana Business Magazine about what MJ retailers near state lines need to consider when doing business with out-of-state consumers:

One comment on “Cannabis retailers should embrace out-of-state consumers – after they’ve taken appropriate steps
  1. Adam on

    I dont know what it is like in the US but in Canada where marijuana us legal there are no issues like this. The US is going to have so many issues with the federal vs state level of legalization.

    In the US where marijuana is legal it has had a positive tremendous impact on the economy and business. In Canada there is the question of buying from Mail Order Sites (MOM) which are online marijuana stores versus buying from the government.

    The debate is pay more of poorer quality and almost double the price or buy online not licensed by the government. MOM is not in the US and only Canada whicle the US has a state vs state issue


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