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US regulators delay Utah study of cannabis effects on pain

Utah’s plan to study the effects of medical marijuana on pain has been delayed because of slow approval from the federal government to ship supplies to state researchers. The study was originally expected to be completed by March. The Utah roadblock is the latest example of the federal government hindering cannabis research. Such delays led Sens. Orrin […]

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Utah set to roll out medical cannabis program for terminal patients

Ahead of a possible vote in November that may initiate a much broader program, Utah’s state government will roll out a much more restrictive “right to try” medical marijuana system, but only for terminally ill patients. According to Salt Lake City TV station KSTU, the program will be run by the state Department of Food […]

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Anti-medical marijuana group aims to thwart Utah initiative

An anti-marijuana group is attempting to convince Utah voters to abandon their support of an initiative to put medical cannabis on the November ballot. Salt Lake City TV station KSTU reported Thursday that Drug Safe Utah is “hiring canvassers and recruiting volunteers” to visit voters who signed the petition in order to query their support of […]

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