Chart: Another record-setting year for MJBizCon mirrors massive marijuana business potential

(This story has been updated to clarify that Marijuana Business Daily hosts the conference referenced in this chart.)

MJBizCon, which is hosted by Marijuana Business Daily, continues to smash attendance records amid strong, ongoing growth in the cannabis industry, solidifying its position as one of the fastest-growing trade shows in the nation.

This year’s conference attracted more than 27,000 cannabis professionals to the Las Vegas Convention Center, a record for the event and the marijuana industry.

That represents a 52% increase from the 2017 show.

Here’s what you need to know about the conference:

  • More than 1,000 – 1,028 to be exact – companies exhibited at the event, a 38% increase from 2017’s show. To put that in perspective, more businesses were added to the 2018 show (350) than the total number of companies that exhibited at MJBizCon in 2016 (321).
  • Exhibiting companies spanned all sectors of the industry, from legal, technology, investing and marketing firms to consultants, extraction machinery manufacturers and cultivation equipment providers.
  • Roughly 13% of conference attendees were from outside the United States. Canada had the largest international presence at the show, accounting for just under 70% of the nondomestic audience.
  • In total, 70 different countries were represented at this year’s MJBizCon. In terms of total distance traveled, attendees from South Africa made the longest journey – trekking more than 10,000 miles to attend the show.
  • Exhibition floor space was up nearly 70% from last year’s conference, rising from 105,000 net square feet to 175,000 in 2018. That’s roughly 80 times more square feet of exhibition space than the inaugural MJBizCon in 2012.
  • Going through each aisle of the exhibition floor was just over a 3-mile walk – approximately 6,200 steps. A person of average height and weight would burn about 300 calories visiting each vendor on the show floor.

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5 comments on “Chart: Another record-setting year for MJBizCon mirrors massive marijuana business potential
  1. marc shepard on

    Congratulations and thanks to MJBiz for once again doing an amazing job of putting the spotlight on this industry and it’s wealth of talent and innovation! Hope to see everyone at the 5th Annual New England Cannabis Convention in March 2019.

  2. Michael Mayes on

    This is exactly the information I need to brag about how awesome the conference was. Another amazing year. The vendors are getting better and better each year.

    Michael Mayes
    CEO | Quantum 9, Inc.

  3. Chris Copley on

    I enjoyed the programming with excellent panels and info.
    But I was quite disappointed in the lack of product brands and I can not figure out why
    this was happening. Every seminar I went to talked about branding and connecting to customers at all touch points. Brands need to realize their first customer is the retailer
    not just the end consumer.
    Also I would prefer all the extraction companies , lights, soil and grow products all be placed in one hall as a group. It would make navigation a lot easier. Not rocket science to pull this off.
    Overall a good show and it’s exciting to see the growth over the 3 years I have attended.

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