Chart of the Week: Monthly Washington State Recreational Marijuana Sales, Tax Data

By Jennifer Mann

Recreational cannabis revenues started off slow in Washington State but have been posting solid gains in recent months as more stores and growers come online.

Since sales began on July 8, retail stores, producers and processors have brought in more than $31.6 million in revenue from cannabis sales though October, generating over $7.9 million in excise taxes for the state.

The growth trend is continuing in November: Sales are currently on pace to grow by about 36% over October.

At the November pace, the recreational industry in Washington would bring in about $200 million in sales over the next 12 months.

5 comments on “Chart of the Week: Monthly Washington State Recreational Marijuana Sales, Tax Data
  1. Timothy Cline on

    The Medical Marijuana Business will Effect Thousands of Tax Paying Citizens in the United States. Medial Marijuana will Help the Econmy in the United States by Simply Taxing it. Millions and Billions of Dollars to be Made n Taxed. Sooner or Later Every State in the United States will have Medical Marijuana Sales n Taxes. Quit wasteing Billions of Dollars each year trying to Arrest Marijuana Smokers. Help keep the United States Econmy Strong.

  2. bongstar420 on

    This guy is funny. He needs 2k per at a 25% tax rate. In Oregon, lets say we do 2k per; that comes out to a ~43% tax. Here I am in Oregon sayin 2k per with the Oregon tax is “too much,” and I am a grower.

  3. bongstar420 on

    Oopps. I didn’t realize growers in WA need two licenses. You have to have a processing license to dry and bag the flowers. WA apparently does not allow the drying of flowers without the tax being impose….Thats a tax of 50%

    Still, Oregon’s $35/oz tax is not that competitive. Also, the controlled substances act has to be modified because cannabis interstate commerce is legitimately illegal.

  4. 5150 on

    I agree Bongstar420 .. I am in oregon also an I would say 91 and the OLCC are going to be an interesting pair … Weed is illegal until the Feds say it’s not .. OLCC is your new state drug dealer until then …

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