CO Cannabis Industry Organizes to Fight Potency Cap Initiative

Colorado marijuana advocates – including many MJ companies – have formed a coalition to combat a proposed ballot measure that many in the industry say would gut the state’s cannabis market.

The proposed ballot initiative would cap cannabis product potency at 16% THC.

The new organization, the Colorado Health Research Council, is comprised of “cannabis patients, caregivers, scientists, cannabis industry leaders, the business community, and ordinary citizens who are organizing to defeat” the proposed constitutional amendment, according to a press release. Marijuana companies are bankrolling the effort.

Spearheading the coalition is LivWell Enlightened Health, one of the largest cannabis retail chains in the state. Other financial contributors include at least 20 other marijuana businesses, according to the Denver Post. The group has so far raised more than $300,000.

The proposed amendment, which has yet to formally make the ballot, would prohibit marijuana products that generate more than 80% of industry revenue in the state, according to one analysis. It’s supported by the Healthy Colorado Coalition, led by former Colorado House Speaker Frank McNulty, a Highlands Ranch Republican, the Post reported.

The group needs to gather at least 98,000 signatures by Aug. 8 to make the November ballot.

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6 comments on “CO Cannabis Industry Organizes to Fight Potency Cap Initiative
  1. Elise on

    This organization is so new I cannot even find a way to get involved by googling them! Is the Colorado Health Research Council just a fund or an association needing support?

  2. Seth Tyrssen on

    This kind of “amendment” will not only gut the market, it will drive it right back to the underground. Which may be the best way to keep the Sacred Herb in the hands of the people after all, instead of corporate “investors.”

  3. Victoria Smith on

    Hmm. A google search for “Healthy Colorado Coalition” only brings up related news stories. “Healthy Colorado Coalition” doesn’t show up in the Secretary of State’s records of licensed CO businesses. Who are these people and why don’t they even have a website? It will be a surprise if they collect enough signatures to make the ballot. It will NOT be a surprise when CO voters toss out this trash.

  4. Patrick on

    I’ve been a Douglas County Republican for 43 years and a MIP business owner as well. Would like to see the CHRC push the advocates of this over reaching constitutional change to come forward with any credible scientific data to support their claims that levels above 16% THC product content is harmful. Further, a public forum should be requested between the CHRC and the backers of the ballot measure to publicly challenge and debate the claims of public harm from MJ/THC infused products.

  5. Nancy Mercanti on

    Glad to see there is hope for an educational campaign.
    These are light years and response has to be fast and furious.
    98,OOO signatures will not be easy, unless they are paying to get them. Howmany people here in Colorado really want the tax dollars to go away?!?

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