Cole to California: Regulate the MMJ Industry

The author of the 2013 Cole Memo has a clear message for California: “If you don’t want us prosecuting (marijuana users) in your state, then get your regulatory act together.”

U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole made that comment in an interview with the Los Angeles Times after announcing earlier this week that he plans to step down from his current post.

Cole issued a key memo a little over a year ago that basically gave Colorado and Washington State the green light to move forward with recreational marijuana legalization, as long as they implement strict regulations and provide effective oversight.

, Cole to California: Regulate the MMJ Industry

California has tried and failed repeatedly to pass statewide regulations on its medical marijuana industry, leaving it vulnerable to federal crackdowns. Another regulatory attempt is expected to begin early next year.

Cole’s leniency in enforcing federal law over state law when it comes to marijuana lends extra weight to his warning to California, especially because he’s resigning from the Department of Justice.

Cole told The Times this week that he is “proud of his efforts to take a softer approach to enforcing marijuana laws.” But his successor might not do the same.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is also leaving the Obama administration later this year.

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One comment on “Cole to California: Regulate the MMJ Industry
  1. RMC on

    We need to tell these federal yahoo’s to get out of our state and leave us alone. They are now telling us what to do and otherwise they will charge in and throw us in jail? Really? But, sadly, you know as well as I do, no one will do anything about it. Americans will allow it to happen and all the work we have done to get the medical solutions of this wonderful plant into the hands of those that need it will be for nothing. We will allow it like we allowed Bush to steal the election; like we allow this gov to go to war with the world; like we allow people to go to jail for using MMJ medicine. No one says anything. Well, then we deserve whatever they do to us. Big money will win; they always do in the USA Inc. They always have because people let them. As a former governor of CA and president of the screen actors guild said ‘here we go again.’

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