Colombian firm with Canadian ties opens medical cannabis research lab

Colombian company FCM Global S.A.S. has launched a medical cannabis research and development lab in the South American nation.

With a distribution office in Toronto, Medellin-based FCM Global joins the growing community of Colombian MMJ companies with ties to Canada.

In October, for example, CannaVida SAS of Canada was awarded a license to grow, distribute and export medical cannabis in Colombia.

The cannabis industry is in need of professional scientific research, which could help businesses overcome long-held stigmas and take their products further into the mainstream economy.

Here’s what you need to know, according to a company news release:

  • FCM Global plans to offer advisory services to assist manufacturers of cannabis goods worldwide.
  • The advisory services are intended to help develop new products and formulas, conduct pre-clinical and clinical trials and test products for safety and quality.
  • FCM Global plans to conduct clinical trials on humans as well as animals.
  • The company is partnered with CIENSA, a Medellin-based health services provider and medical clinic.

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