Colorado AG invites Sessions to check out rec MJ industry

Colorado’s top law enforcement official extended an invitation to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take a tour of the state’s recreational marijuana industry.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman made the invitation Wednesday morning during a meeting with top Justice Department staff, the Denver Post reported.

She told them “it was important to come to the states that have legalized marijuana – particularly Colorado since we have the longest history – and to see what we have done,” according to the Post. “They indicated an interest in doing that.”

The invitation comes on the heels of a suggestion from Sessions that an uptick in federal law enforcement could be on the way for recreational marijuana businesses.

Coffman’s sense is the entire Trump administration is undecided on how to handle the cannabis industry and the disconnect between state and federal marijuana laws, but that the DOJ is leaning toward preventing illegal diversion to the black market and illicit interstate trafficking.

“I don’t think they’ve decided how they are going to approach it or what they might do legally that would be different than the previous administration,” Coffman told the Post. “I just think they are still figuring it out.”

Coffman added that she is committed to defending Colorado’s cannabis laws, should it come to a court fight with the DOJ.

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4 comments on “Colorado AG invites Sessions to check out rec MJ industry
  1. Richard Thompson on

    This is rare opportunity for the federal government to actually enforce the “industry”. The black market will always exist… the question is.. how large?.

  2. Bob Gunn on

    This is a great gesture, and smart move from CO Attorney General Coffman. I hope Sessions takes her up on he offer for a tour so he can experience first hand the professionalism and legitimacy of the regulated CO market and the participating businesses.

  3. Robert Chase on

    Megan Verlee of Colorado Public Radio interviewed Sessions Tuesday; she claimed in her article about it that: “U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions emphasized to a gathering of states’ attorneys general that it’s still illegal to distribute marijuana across state lines, no matter what laws an individual state passes”. Compare that with what Sessions actually said: “I would just say, it does remain a violation of federal law to distribute marijuana throughout any place in the United States, whether a state legalizes it or not.” — a particularly egregious substitution of what any number of people want to believe for the truth!

    Coffman: “It sounds like there is room for states to have legalization, but what it seems to portend is the federal government will be at the borders to stop marijuana from crossing state lines” — no, it certainly does not, but how much so many people must want to believe that to so warp their perceptions!

    P.S. Sessions isn’t coming here.

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