Colorado cannabis sales still soaring

Marijuana sales in Colorado continue to reach new highs, fueled by increasing demand for recreational cannabis.

Sales of medical and adult-use marijuana hit $846 million during the first eight months of 2016, up 33% from the same period last year, according to calculations by Marijuana Business Daily based on the latest state tax data.

Dispensaries and rec shops reported $126 million in cannabis sales in August alone – a new record for the state’s marijuana industry. Recreational cannabis accounted for nearly $85 million of the total, up a whopping 43% from August a year ago.

Industry officials attribute the August increase to seasonal factors, with more tourists coming to the state during the summer and purchasing cannabis, according to the Cannabist.

Adult-use sales are also up nearly 50% this year through August compared with the first eight months of 2015.

Medical marijuana sales flat-lined, coming in at $41 million in August – down about $13,000 from the same month in 2015. They are still up 10% during the first eight month of the year, however.

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2 comments on “Colorado cannabis sales still soaring
  1. Mugsy on

    That’s a lot of money and the people are going there to feel FREE from arrest and be able to find what strains work for their problems. That’s important, finding the right one that works for your condition whether it be pain, sick stomach, women’s menstral cramps, or just want to smoke and relax. It needs to be legalized across America so nobody has to leave their state. This money needs to stay locally so it can help the economy everywhere and we know it’s needed. Our government needs to start listening to the people and doing what we the people tell them. Many can not grow and they’ll end up being the majority of the customers to the dispensaries and those who can grow should be able to have 10-15 plants at any time. It’s time for America to legalize cannabis and get the money spread through the local economy. The majority of money that is being made in the illegal states and being sent to Mexico instead of being kept here! I’m sorry for saying it but America is sending billions of dollars every year into Mexico and drug cartels hands. That needs to stop, sooner the better. America can be rebuilt from cannabis money in the first few years we can get that money flowing for new schools, bridges, roads, and that’ll cut police arrests and courts. The jobs created will be in the tens of thousands the first few years then more every year afterwards. Great Job Colorado!!! Keep up the great work and setting a great example because the rest of the country is watching, CLOSELY!! God Bless America!!! #LegalizeCannabis

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