Colorado House panel advances marijuana home delivery bill

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Colorado would allow home delivery of medical cannabis next year and recreational marijuana in 2021 under a bill approved by a state House committee on Tuesday.

Home delivery could permit marijuana businesses to boost sales by making it easier for consumers to buy product. It could also create new business opportunities for MJ transporters.

The Colorado House Committee on Business Affairs and Labor voted 6-3 to send the measure regulating home delivery to the House Finance Committee.

While the bill’s fate is unclear, Democrats now control both chambers, and new Democratic Gov. Jared Polis is considered more receptive to cannabis legislation than his predecessor, former Gov. John Hickenlooper.

The bill as amended would give existing license holders the first crack at delivery and, after a year, allow third-party transporters to apply for delivery permits.

Co-sponsor Alex Valdez, a Denver Democrat, characterized the bill as “creating a solution to what we see as an issue of a kind of thriving black market” as well as provide better access for patients who have a hard time getting to a dispensary.