Colorado lawmakers approve new license for marijuana couriers

Colorado lawmakers have approved a brand new type of license for cannabis couriers and sent it to the governor for his signature.

The “marijuana transporter” license is the first of its kind and will give courier companies new powers, such as the ability to store cannabis temporarily in the event a freak snowstorm shuts a highway, the Associated Press reported.

Currently, couriers must return the marijuana to the location from where it was transported if they can’t make the delivery within a certain time period.

Colorado now has a dozen marijuana courier companies, according to the AP. They’re classified under the broad heading of marijuana “vendors.” That category includes other types of ancillary companies that provide services to the industry.

A two-year courier license would cost about $4,400. Two dozen people are expected to apply for the license, according to legislative analysts.

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One comment on “Colorado lawmakers approve new license for marijuana couriers
  1. Barbara on

    Next you will be handing out a distributors license so the state can make more money. This is just getting ridiculous. Where is common sense in this industry

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