Legal cannabis sales top $6 billion in Colorado

Colorado's legal marijuana market, Legal cannabis sales top $6 billion in Colorado

Colorado’s legal marijuana market hit a milestone at the end of 2018, going over $6 billion in combined recreational and medical sales since the adult-use market launched on New Year’s Day in 2014.

But since 2016, recreational sales have continued to climb as medical sales have taken a serious dip.

In 2018 alone, there was a 20% drop in MMJ sales from the previous year, from $416 million to $332 million.

In 2017, medical marijuana sales slipped from $445 million to $416 million, a 6.5% decrease.

Recreational cannabis, meanwhile, saw an 11% sales increase from 2017 to 2018, from just over $1 billion to $1.2 billion.

In 2017, sales jumped over 26%, and in 2016, sales increased by 49% increase.

Colorado’s medical cannabis market hit a high point in sales, $445 million, in 2016, while the state’s adult-use market continues to grow year-over-year, from just $303 million in 2014 to its current value of more than $1.2 billion.

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Colorado's legal marijuana market, Legal cannabis sales top $6 billion in Colorado

Source: Colorado Department of Revenue

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16 comments on “Legal cannabis sales top $6 billion in Colorado
  1. Scott Jordan on

    Of course medical is down and recreational is up.
    Why should people continue to pay a doctor for an annual medical card for $200 or more once it could be bought legally without a medical card?

  2. Mark Court on

    You talk about all the revenue but what about mortgages not being made, car payment not being made, child support payment not being made and the list goes on. I would love to see unskewed data on those issues related to legal pot.

    • David L on

      So let’s make alcohol illegal if your true concerns are the well being of people Mark Court. With your argument, one could go as to ban everything that doesn’t require a loan or a kid. I mean we could make it all illegal again because that stopped everyone from smoking and I’m sure shady dude on street corner wants it illegal too.

    • Lester on

      Like drinking a six pack of beer every night is different than smoking a $6.00 pre roll. If you don’t pay your bills that’s on you if you don’t pay your mortgage you don’t have a home car payments same thing you walk. Everybody makes a choice. Are you really interested in big corporations collecting money? Or perhaps you just. Feel that alcaholics are better than potheads.

    • DJF on

      Thanks Mark, glad you could contribute to the conversation. I have literally no clue what you are talking about or alluding to in your statement. Care to shed some light on why you think this way?

  3. Freddie Dempsey on

    People , need to grow up. Stop acting like pot is so bad . That it’s from the devil like your grandparents would act like. People arent going to stop paying there bills because they can smoke some pot now , legally that is. Give me a break. That type of ignorant thinking is why it has taken so long for this country to wake up and smell all the money it can and will be making because of legalizing pot. Heck , the country wont have a deficit in 10 years. I am 100% disabled and have a pain pump and take large amounts of pain meds , so I will be happy once virginia finally legalizes it so I can smoke to help with my pain. Lord knows all the chronic pain patients like myself will be lucky to have our pain meds much longer and pot will be able to help us with pain. Sorry for rambling on , but this subject and the ignorant things people say about what pot will do to people when they themselves have never smoked. Well its going to happen so you may as well sit back and relax.

  4. Chris Leone on

    I wonder what Colorado does with all that revenue? New Jersey here waiting on my Governor to sign the Bill that he promised it would be legal within the the first 100 days..

  5. Lester on

    Mark C what is the difference between the cost of going to a bar one night spending $60 on drinks or going to a pot shop buying a $6.00 pre roll which keeps me from paying my bills. I don’t feel real good after several Margaritas. I feel great after 3 or 4 hits on a doobie. Sleep very well campare that to tossing and turning. You apparently are against legalization. But change it’s a coming.

  6. mike MCDERMOTT on

    and what money’s are you saving for Not incarcerating people for convictions ?? that has to be included-plus releasing those convicted of prior offenses

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