Colorado Marijuana Sales Balloon 11% in August

Marijuana sales in Colorado are hitting new highs.

Both recreational and medical cannabis revenues jumped 11% in August, according to the latest numbers released by the state.

Cannabis consumers spent over $33 million on recreational marijuana and $32.2 million on medical cannabis during the month. That’s up from $29.7 million and $28.9 million, respectively, in July – which also ranks as the first month that recreational sales surpassed medical marijuana revenues.

, Colorado Marijuana Sales Balloon 11% in August

Through the first eight months of the year, recreational shops have racked up $180 million in cannabis sales, while medical marijuana dispensaries recorded about $255 million in revenues.

The state has reaped more than $45 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales since January as well.

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3 comments on “Colorado Marijuana Sales Balloon 11% in August
  1. W. Burchett on

    Another great business model that all states should be moving legislation for medical and recreational usage the ones dragging there Political feet are going to have to move forward on the economical impact it can make for a state in tax dollars and money funneled back into the community as a whole

  2. bongstar420 on

    potguard’s statement is religious and not an empirical fact.

    Nothing is “here” for the people without inciting some kind of “divine purpose.”

    This person obviously doesn’t vote or doesn’t think other people’s votes mean anything.

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