Colorado medical cannabis companies in patent dispute

A Colorado marijuana company is suing another firm in the state for patent infringement involving its cannabinoid-based medical product formula.

United Cannabis Corp. (UCANN) of Golden filed the lawsuit in Denver U.S. District Court on Monday against Pure Hemp Collective of Conifer.

The Denver Post reported the lawsuit seeks an injunction prohibiting Pure Hemp from copying the United Cannabis formulas as well as damages.

UCANN is seeking triple damages, arguing that Pure Hemp’s actions were “willful.”

A message requesting comment from Pure Hemp on Tuesday was not immediately returned.

The lawsuit describes United Cannabis as a biotechnology company that develops cannabis as a medicine and owns a federal patent for enriched extracts of plant cannabinoids.

According to the lawsuit, by imitating compounds in the human body, UCANN’s phytocannabinoid therapies treat diseases including:

  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Paralysis

– Associated Press

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4 comments on “Colorado medical cannabis companies in patent dispute
  1. Maxcatski on

    Patents on cannabinoids (or any combination thereof) should not be allowed. These are natural compounds, not man made.

    Cannabis must belong to the consumers and not the producers.

    • Brian Pendleton on

      The real question boils down to what they are claiming as “enriched extracts” and how this end product differs from the natural state. There would be no issued patent from the USPTO unless UCANN demonstrated the ability to move beyond the bare elements.

      For example- You can’t patent chocolate cake but you can patent your method or blend for making chocolate cake containing nano-emulsified compounds to make more efficient usage of the sugar intake.

      Though I will say that while their patent is quite… encompassing, the specific extraction methods and exact specified terpenes do limit the scope of coverage. They are not the only ones to have patented such methods though.

  2. Don Junpsuit on

    This is unbelievably half baked. FDA has strict rules preventing any business from making non-validated claims regarding any substance treating an illness without clinical proof.

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