Recreational marijuana sales and business licenses trending upward in Colorado

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Adult-use cannabis sales account for an increasing portion of overall legal marijuana commerce in Colorado, according to new state data, with the number of adult-use MJ business licenses also on the rise.

Based on an annual update from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, 66% of the total pounds of marijuana flower and 86% of the total units of edibles sold in the state in 2018 were for adult use, the Denver Post reported.

Those figures are an increase over 2017, when 58% of the total pounds of cannabis flower and 83% of the total units of edibles were sold for recreational use.

Medical marijuana accounted for the remainder of the annual revenue for Colorado’s cannabis industry.

According to the Enforcement Division’s report, the number of medical marijuana licenses declined for the first time in years, showing an 8% decrease, and adult-use cannabis business licenses increased by 3%.

At the end of 2018, Colorado boasted 1,577 licensed recreational marijuana businesses, up from 1,520 licensed adult-use companies in 2017.

Over the same time period, medical marijuana licenses in Colorado declined from 1,531 to 1,396.

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