Colorado rolls out new hemp testing, THC labeling rules

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(A longer version of this story first appeared at Hemp Industry Daily.)

A slate of new Colorado requirements for hemp products taking effect Thursday could signal a new wave of regulations as states move to regulate over-the-counter hemp products more like those made from marijuana.

Colorado’s health department now requires edible hemp products to be tested for a long list of pesticides and contaminants, including heavy metals and mycotoxins.

The changes include a new requirement that hemp products carry labels listing total cannabinoid content in the package, including THC, in milligrams.

Currently, hemp product labels don’t have to to mention THC as long as the finished item is less than 0.3% THC.

By Oct. 1, Colorado will require hemp products to be tested for 106 pesticides, compared with 13 pesticides for regulated marijuana.

Colorado might be the tip of the iceberg in this area.

States from California to New York are mulling new testing and labeling requirements on hemp products.