Company behind MJBizDaily in legal dispute with former exec

The parent company of Marijuana Business Daily is involved in a legal dispute with its former president and publisher over several employment-related issues, including those tied to his termination, compensation and noncompete agreement.

Rhode Island-based Anne Holland Ventures recently filed a lawsuit in Denver County District Court alleging that George Jage violated the terms of his employment agreement after he unsuccessfully tried to buy Marijuana Business Daily.

According to the suit, Jage was terminated in April when he “repudiated his agreement to company policy including the written terms of the noncompete, non-solicitation and nondisclosure agreement.”

Anne Holland Ventures is seeking a declaratory judgment on these issues.

Jage has filed a response to the lawsuit, including a dozen counterclaims. He alleges – among other things – that he was wrongfully terminated and that the company didn’t live up to its compensation promises or his employment terms.

Jage is seeking monetary damages and dismissal of the claims against him.

Anne Holland Ventures declined to comment, and Jage was unavailable to comment.

Marijuana Business Daily, which is based in Denver, runs business-to-business publications, conducts market research and hosts trade shows.

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8 comments on “Company behind MJBizDaily in legal dispute with former exec
  1. Lawrence Fama on

    This is what happens when non hip people get involved in marijuana. They only have crass economic goals. Legal weed is a home run for those of us involved in the struggle for 40 years. I hope it’s not ruined by these thoughtless jerks.

  2. Bill Shane on

    I think it took a lot of balls for Cassandra, Chris, Anne and other executives at Marijuana Business Daily to air this story. The Cannabis industry should applaud this kind of transparency. Thanks for your honesty.

    • Marc shepard on

      Bill- I’m sorry, but that assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. This is just “control the story” 101. MJBiz obviously has unlimited access to everything involved in the case, including the specifics of Jage’s claims (which are all now public record and will come out) but offers no details in the story. They are using their platform (something their opponent doesn’t have) to write the narrative and control the public’s first impression. To be clear: Nothing they’ve done here is wrong, and I absolutely would have done the same thing in their position. But it in no way shape or form required balls to publish this, nor does it pass as transparency on any level. It’s just the right business move by their company.

      The best thing for the industry would have been for this matter to have been settled peacefully out of court and avoid the spectacle of the most fincially successful cannabis trade show In the world & the person who helped it get there engage in a public fight over the piles of money they generated. Again, not saying either side is wrong here, but maybe let’s hold our applause until the truth comes out.

  3. Tony Gallo on

    I have worked with this group over 4 years and also know George. I hope they work it out before it gets too ugly. The Las Vegas MJBiz conference is “the cannabis show” right now and I would hate for this to cast a black mark on all their hard work.

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