Comparing cannabis salaries to mainstream industries

Ranks of women, minority cannabis execs rebound to pre-pandemic levels, according to the latest data from the MJBiz Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Report. Get your copy here.

Payroll is the biggest expense for most companies. But how does your company’s salary schedule compare to others in your state and the cannabis industry as a whole?

According to data analysis by the staff of Marijuana Business Magazine, lower-skilled, lower-paid marijuana jobs pay slightly more than mainstream equivalents, including budtenders, trimmers, dispensary managers, edibles production workers and security guards.

Cannabis salary comparison, Comparing cannabis salaries to mainstream industries

Compensation can vary widely by state due to cost of living, age of market and more. Check our Salary Snapshot page later this week to learn how these factors affect total compensation in your area.

Salaries in the marijuana industry were calculated based on data from HempStaff, Vangst, Viridian Staffing and Glassdoor. Comparative data for other industries was gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,,, and Ziprecruiter.