Congress Should Reclassify Marijuana, Cato Institute Says

Medical cannabis companies and users would benefit if Congress rescheduled marijuana as a Schedule II drug, according to a report by the Cato Institute.

The libertarian think tank said reclassifying marijuana at the federal level would cut into black market sales, reduce law enforcement expenditures and free marijuana users from the threat of arrest and monetary penalties.

The federal government defines Schedule I drugs – including marijuana – as having a high risk of abuse and addiction and offering no medical benefits.

The Cato report recommends that Congress should rescheduled marijuana as a Schedule II drug. That would “mean that medical provision in current or future medical marijuana states would not be inconsistent with federal law,” the Cato Institute said.

Allowing physicians to prescribe marijuana would also “reduce existing barriers to research on the possible health benefits of marijuana.”

Still, while calling cannabis a Schedule II drug would help MMJ businesses and users, it wouldn’t eliminate conflict between federal and state governments that have legalized rec, the report said.

Advocates have pushed reclassification for years, saying it would help remove some roadblocks for the industry and broaden legalization efforts.

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7 comments on “Congress Should Reclassify Marijuana, Cato Institute Says
  1. bongstar420 on

    I’m sorry. The Controlled Substances Act only applies to intestate commerce….

    Schedule II is not appropriate. It should be exempt if we cant get the court to admit that the CSA is invalid due to the subjective nature of the “harm” caused by responsible drug use.

  2. Jerry Cook on

    Off the CSA period, for better biz & everything else.
    Right now, top of the CSA list says NO Med use..while at the same time the Fed has patents on the plant FOR Med use, & gives it to a few FOR Med us (for over 20,years)..glaring even the Fed recognizes Med use..while saying there is does this get ignored..

    It cannot stay in the CSA where it is, and in fact, should only be on a list of benefits. II helps but is still wrong. With Meth? Are you kidding?
    Also whats ignored is that Sect 903 of the CSA Title 21, US code, says “states can control/regulate CSA listings differently to the Fed”…?
    Some crazy insane stuff going on that needs to go.
    Want biz? Off the CSA, with study & facts backed truth! Can MJ biz force the Fed out of blinding hypocrisy?

  3. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Fat chance at reclassifying “marihuana.” It’s one of the biggest scandals in our nation’s history, the forces working behind the scenes to keep that word right where it is. A full 26 years have gone by since the strong recommendation from Francis Young, former admin judge in the Drug Enforcement Administration. Young called cannabis flower “one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man,” and suggested a Schedule II listing to open up scientific research. Where would we be today if that was done? Why are our elected leaders in the U.S. Congress still mired in total inertia on this issue? They have the power to amend the Controlled Substances Act, and I think lawmakers should completely erase the idiotic Spanish slang word “marihuana.” That’s the only proper action with much respect to forsaken cannabis plants.

  4. jim mcDermott on

    Putting mj in schedule 2 is not the answer, as noted. Fact is, it should not be scheduled at all. It’s not even a drug. It’s a flower, an herb, that never hurt anyone in thousands of years, until the Feds put that Mexican stigma on it, making it look like it’s a demon drug. All stoners have always known better.

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