Connecticut adds another condition to medical marijuana treatment list

Connecticut regulators added another ailment to the list of conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis, bringing the total number of conditions to 31 for adults.

The state’s Regulations Review Committee decided chronic neuropathic pain associated with degenerative spinal disorders should be included on the list.

The added condition could provide a slight boost to medical marijuana businesses.

Connecticut’s MMJ companies – nine dispensaries and four cultivators – have been discussing adding more storefronts and growers as the patient count grows.

The state currently has 29,543 patients registered for the medical marijuana program and 1,000 physicians certified to recommend MMJ.

Patients younger than 18 can be treated with medical marijuana for eight conditions.

The committee also changed state regulations to allow the use of Epidiolex – a CBD drug manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals to treat rare types of epilepsy – after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently removed it from the most restrictive class of controlled substances.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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2 comments on “Connecticut adds another condition to medical marijuana treatment list
  1. John A Verkitus on

    This is really just a waste of time and needless suffering for MANY people (Including Myself) who can NOT afford their Cannabis Prescritptions and are not YET allowed to Grow it for themselves and cant even use their Insurance to Pay for the prescription.. The FED Needs to DE-Schedule Cannabis, so it can be mainstreamed and Legalized..

    Prohibition for Cannabis Was/IS the Biggest Mistake Nixon Ever Made and caused the Suffering and Jailing of Millions of Law Abiding American Citizens.. WE need to END this , NOW!

  2. Anne Schulman on

    My 16 year old granddaughter has been suffering from severe juvenile psoriatic arthritis since the age of nine. She has been hospitalized a few times to be placed on morphine IV for unbearable pain. She has also been diagnosed with a condition known as amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome which affects teenage years. How do I go about the process to allow medical marijuana for these conditions for those under 18? I know that it is included for adults.

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