Connecticut aims to be medical cannabis research hub

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Calling cannabis researchers: Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program will begin accepting applications for research proposals on medical uses of marijuana starting Oct. 1, a move that ultimately could make it easier for doctors to recommend MMJ and boost sales.

Eligible applicants include licensed medical marijuana producers and dispensaries, as well as hospitals, health-care facilities, and universities, according to

Hoping to strengthen Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program and create high-tech employment opportunities in the state, Connecticut’s legislature decided to allow medical marijuana research.

Connecticut’s Commissioner for Consumer Protection, Jonathan A. Harris, suggested that a medical marijuana research sector could help make the state “the focal point for medical cannabis research and add to the strong bio-tech base already here,” Hartford Business reported.

The Department of Consumer Protection, which oversees the state’s medical marijuana program, is overseeing the research application process.

Deputy Commissioner Michelle Seagull said rigorous scientific studies would also boost the medical community’s ability to assess the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana as a therapy.