Connecticut’s Democratic lawmakers push to legalize adult-use marijuana

Several House Democrats in Connecticut on Thursday unveiled draft legislation to legalize adult-use marijuana under a tightly-controlled framework, becoming the latest Eastern state to push for recreational legalization.

Businesses wouldn’t be able to get licenses to both cultivate and sell, according to New Haven TV station WTNH, and taxes would total roughly 20%.

The legislation also would aim to provide a better opportunity for minorities to enter the MJ industry by giving them initial access to cultivation and other types of business licenses, the Hartford Courant reported.

It’s unclear whether the measure has a chance of passing this year.

But Connecticut’s new governor, Democrat Ned Lamont, has voiced support of recreational marijuana, and legalization talk in general is sweeping the Northeast.

For more details about Connecticut’s bid to legalize adult use, click here.

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One comment on “Connecticut’s Democratic lawmakers push to legalize adult-use marijuana
  1. Shaun on

    All they’re doing is making the state the dealers and people to profit. If we cant grow our own, how is that legalization. They need to stop using the term legalization and just call it what it is. Wonder how much AGL is paying the state to keep home grows off the bill. Wait until you see the pushback against anything not including home grows. Nobody else can provide the quality we need, we should be able to provide that ourselves.

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