Connecticut billboard pointing to legal marijuana sales across border sparks squabble

A highway billboard in Connecticut that reads “Weed is legal in 60 miles,” meaning cannabis is legally for sale via businesses that sit just across the border in Massachusetts, has prompted a community stir, Rocky Hill TV station WFSB reported.

The billboard – which includes the logo for the tech company Weedmaps – also reflects why pressure is building on states adjacent to adult use-legal Massachusetts to consider recreational cannabis legislation.

To learn more about the Connecticut controversy over marijuana advertising, click here.

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7 comments on “Connecticut billboard pointing to legal marijuana sales across border sparks squabble
  1. John V... on

    Cannabis should be de-scheduled and legalized across the nation.. It was only made illegal to jail people of color back in the 70’s during the Nixon presidency..

    Prohibition does not work, didn’t work for alcohol and that is a much more dangerous substance..

    Legalize and Regulation is the best idea since it Helps so many people !

  2. Kurt on

    I belive cannabis was made illegal for more than one reason. “Not one of them are good reasons. I know someone who cured his Hep.C, by eating rso. The man who invented rso cured his skin cancer with it.
    I belive the big Pharma lobie back in the 30,s had it made illegal so they could make a fortune from treating symptoms rather than curing people. Hemp clothing lasts 10 times longer than cotton. So the cotton lobbie had it made illegal as well. Also the prohibition on alcohol ended so if the people who seek out contraband didn’t prohibit something they were going to be out of a job.

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