Controversy Over Proposed MMJ Business Fees in Maryland

Will the cost of doing business in Maryland turn away medical marijuana entrepreneurs and disenfranchise 45,000 potential patients?

That’s the concern of many MMJ advocates after a state commission suggested a $125,000 annual fee for cultivation licenses and a $40,000 yearly charge for dispensary permits. Entrepreneurs would also have to shell out up to $6,000 just to apply for a license.

If adopted, the fees would be among the highest in the MMJ industry.

, Controversy Over Proposed MMJ Business Fees in Maryland

One critic, state Delegate Cheryl Glenn, called the fee proposal “outrageous” and “ridiculous,” while commission members said the price is needed to offset the cost of setting up and running the MMJ program.

The fees are still tentative, however, and subject to change before the state’s new rules are finalized.

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5 comments on “Controversy Over Proposed MMJ Business Fees in Maryland
  1. Shaun Gindi on

    As usual states forget about 280E and the black market… As in, find me a rich dispensary owner and I’ll find you a leprechaun. Weird, right?

  2. victoria smith on

    Well, if it’s necessary to charge $40k-$125k for licenses, how on earth did the other twenty states with mmj manage? Those programs in CO, CA and WA must have had to shut down because the fees weren’t enough to cover the cost of running the program. No, wait….

  3. Ireland on

    Yeah, they appear to be trying to start a state agency being funded by upwards $10,000,000 in annual fees/taxes up front. This is a sick bunch of thieves here and I have dealt with them in person enough to make me want to vomit diarrhea. The only thing they are managing to do is continue the burgeoning underground market, because it is absolutely thriving in this state, to include medical. Truth is, no one is waiting for them to get their act right here. It is already exploding beyond control. Frankly, I will always go to my friends who grow and deal to get mine. To hell with the corporation called Maryland. They can kiss my arse. Too funny, their decrim law left open the door to the fact this is a civil offense now and as such no one is required to show identification for a citation. Therefore their three tier scheme of fines (100, 250 and 500 with the latter also possibly requiring “counceling” or “therapy”)will not work, because there is no way they can prove you were even fined the first time. roflmao. Idiots haven’t a clue what this plant is, how entrenched this market is or who controls who here. roflmao Truth is, they think they can reinvent this market that already exists and steal the profits from the little guys. Fat chance. Most of us would rather pay dirt than their exhorbitant prices and will. Hell, our so called “dealers” and so called “pushers” they always call us in session, are our lifelong friends, neighbors, family members and we have trusted them for decades, without negative impact to us. It is almost too pathetic these idiots don’t understand that all they need to do is open the door to the agricultural community and watch the revenue pour in from the ancillary consumer goods that will give them 10 fold what they think their fees and taxes will from this. Naive and arrogant all in one for the greedy. There are at least a dozen fully supplied, stocked and operating dispensaries in and around Baltimore that just I’m aware of and the local growers already playing their roles, too, by cultivating and supplying medical MJ to their clients in raw form, with some of them even producing the oil in advance of sales. Let them charge the rich, because we already know at least 3 Ravens team members have the green light being promised them by the powers that be, which tells me the graft has already started and they think we don’t know what they’ve been up to behind their closed doors. Seed handlers from Amsterdam have been rushing around the state for months already in preparation for the MMJ program to get off the round and we know of at least 3 warehouses already fitted out with not even ONE license yet paid for, but pre-approved by this bunch of miscreants. Pfffft, they think we’re as stupid as they are. The word is already out.

  4. Ireland on

    they have a commission of 12 totally unqualifieds sitting at the table making decisions, again, none of them are knowledgable enough or educated or qualified enough in voicing opinion on, let alone make this happen as it should with vision. You have norml running around like school girls at concerts drumming up support and educating people who have long already been on board, yet not one viable education campaign to get to the ones that matter, the uninformed and the undecided voting citizens. Not one education program, not one qualified commissioner, not one seed hit the ground, let alone on dosage dispensed. Yet, they quickly scoff at the one person in the entire state who has actually spent the last 25 months literally PORING through to date over 18,000 abstracts and reports at NIH’s PubMed website, who was once a grower and dealer, who understands this plant …yes, the PLANT, as well as the subject matters surrounding the debate, which they give more importance to than even knowing what this plant is first and THEN seeing what their role requires they do to make allow it to continue to thrive and turn this into a win-win scenario for everyone, not just their cronies and their system of a joke government. Most people don’t even know both chambers actually legalized medical back almost over 11 years ago, but the head of the House Judiciary committee shelved it, without bothering to send it to the governor’s desk for review and signature. This past session, entered past the legal deadline was a “legalization” bill that was so twisted it made no sense: an ounce, 6 plants per household for a total of 3 adults max at 18 plants, 4 grams of hash or the equivalent in oil that would require over 60 plants to produce. I mean HUH? Do what? Your State government fast at work screwing things up before they can even get it off the ground and they are still at it. Do the math, over $10,000,000 in fees from growers, dispensaries and patients. Hell, why sell anything, lol. That’s enough to start a whole new agency. Only problem is, WHO NEEDS THEM!? roflmao The fees are just a start, because the grows will require hazmat suits and masks, 3 alarm and monitoring systems, fences over 8 feet high with barbwire, tags, and a whole plethora if “precautions” controls and well …all this for a tomato. buahahahahahaha Even their statistics of statewide users, dealers and growers is so skewed, because no one is telling them the truth for fear of surveillance and subsequent arrest. the numbers of the youth under 18 is a staggering 70% PLUS and the adults have LONG stopped answering honestly to their polls.

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