Corona beer owner helping develop marijuana-infused beverages for Canada

Cannabis-infused beverages such as beer could make their debut in Canada as soon as next year.

Canopy Growth, a licensed cannabis producer in Smith Falls, Ontario, is working with Constellation Brands, the owner of Corona Beer, on cannabis-infused beverages, according to The Canadian Press.

Canopy hopes to sell the beverages through liquor stores in Canadian provinces that have given cannabis distribution responsibilities to alcohol authorities.

“We are on to specifics of brands, flavorings, formats,” Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton told analysts.

He did not say whether the beverage products would include THC or nonpsychoactive hemp products, according to The Canadian Press.

Canopy’s alcohol-and-cannabis combination has been anticipated ever since Constellation Brands announced last October it had acquired a 10% stake in Canada’s largest cannabis company for $245 million.

This past week, Canopy was one of six licensed producers to sign a cannabis supply deal with Quebec’s liquor board – the Societé des alcools du Québec.

The agency will handle sales of recreational cannabis in the province when it is legal in Canada later this year.

Other provinces and territories where liquor authorities will be responsible for cannabis distribution include Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

Government regulations on cannabis edibles will become clear July 2019 at the earliest.

Canopy is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange as WEED.

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One comment on “Corona beer owner helping develop marijuana-infused beverages for Canada
  1. Ronald Chamberlain on

    Having liquor and tobacco having anything to do with cannabis is pure oxymoron!! Cannabis heals you and lift’s one’s depressed mental states. Alcohol and tobacco causes hundreds of thousands of deaths each year, not to mention breaking up families and child abuse. I doubt that these sellers of poison are looking for redemption, all they are interested in is making tons of money. Or maybe they are hedging their future because when the people begin using cannabis they will stop smoking and quit drinking when they realize what cannabis does for them.

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