CO’s planned crackdown on home growers could benefit legal market

Colorado’s planned legislative crackdown on legal cannabis home growers who sell their product into the black market could push more consumers to buy product from licensed marijuana stores.

As President-elect Donald Trump continues to nominate people for his cabinet who are anti-cannabis, Colorado appears to be trying to preserve its legal marijuana industry, the Associated Press reported.

Gov. John Hickenlooper says the state’s hefty cannabis allocations for home growers make it difficult for police to determine who is legal and who is operating in the black market, according to the AP.

Colorado currently allows an MMJ patient or caregiver to grow up to 99 cannabis plants, well above the ceilings set by other states. Hickenlooper’s legislative plans, outlined to state lawmakers, would impose a cap of 12 plants in private homes across the state, the AP reported.

The governor also wants to bar group recreational grows and impose new paperwork on private people who cultivate MMJ.

The legislative package would keep the state in line with requirements spelled out in the Justice Department’s Cole Memo, which aims to prevent marijuana from flowing to the black market.



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4 comments on “CO’s planned crackdown on home growers could benefit legal market
  1. Ron Robinson on

    It is only because the fed. and a few other States have not yet gotten on board that there is a black market. Almost seems they like it that way.

  2. doc thorne on

    I’m not sure I understand. MMJ patients and caregivers can grow as many as 99-plants? I was of the understanding individuals could only grow four (4) plants legally… where does the change in number come in, and how does the state enforce without on premises visits?

    • Chubsy Ubsy on

      With a doctor’s approval, you can get an extended plant counts that used to go up to 99 per person for medicinal use. No doc is prescribing 99 anymore from what I’ve heard – this past spring/summer five docs in Denver got licenses temporarily suspended for writing too many approvals for 99 plants, now they’ll go to around 30 plants. While 99 seems high, remember those that juice and turn it into oil need that many plants to maintain their dosages.

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