Cresco rebranding marijuana dispensaries to Sunnyside, with wellness focus

Chicago-based Cresco Labs will rebrand its medical cannabis dispensaries under the name Sunnyside, a move designed to put personal wellness at the center of its sales pitch.

The marketing move, announced Monday by the vertically integrated multistate cannabis operator, also comes in advance of the 2020 launch of a recreational marijuana market in Cresco’s home state of Illinois.

“Many of today’s dispensaries service the needs of traditional cannabis consumers,” Cresco CEO and co-founder Charlie Bachtell said in a news release.

“As the cultural landscape progresses, we’re building a modern, yet familiar store environment built on wellness, education and customer service to rapidly bring in new users and welcome them to cannabis.”

Here’s what you need to know about the branding change:

  • The first Sunnyside dispensary is scheduled to open in Philadelphia in November, with future sites planned for Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, Massachusetts and Michigan. According to its website, Cresco possesses 56 retail licenses in 11 states and owns 22 dispensaries.
  • The move will consolidate the company’s dispensary brands. Cresco currently operates 11 brands, many of which were acquired, according to the Chicago Tribune.
  • The dispensaries combine high-end design from the health-care, retail and hospitality industries. They also will offer one-to-one consultations, personalized shopping and express and preorder lanes for pickup.
  • Where permitted, the stores also will offer online ordering, home delivery and a customer loyalty program.
  • Sunnyside will sell all of Cresco’s products as well as other brands.

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12 comments on “Cresco rebranding marijuana dispensaries to Sunnyside, with wellness focus
    • Patricia Parsons on

      For an investor, the rebranding seems to coincide with
      a huge decline in the stock price (I had owned Emblem
      Health, which Cresco aquired a few months ago).
      I hope someone can explain it.

  1. lex on

    Wellness? Is this some kind of joke? How is it wellness if you still refuse to grow enough medicine for your patients! If your from Illinois, you know what shortages are all about. But for all these new dispensaries, ha, get ready for full time shortages, and here one week, and gone for months! You’ve had over four years to get your act together here in Illinois, and you still can’t figure it out! When are you going to learn how to grow enough medicine for those in need?
    PS Thanks for refusing to grow enough CBD, I get it from Oregon now for one fifteenth the price, and a better product!

  2. Patricia Parsons on

    Ever since Cresco acquired Emblem Health, my 12,000shares of Emblem seem to have been
    a total loss, as Cresco has declined from almost $14.00 to $8.15 as of today. Could someone
    explain why?

  3. David Manevich on

    Im in ohio and i always liked the pineapple Express from cresco labs that and the sojay worked well for my chronic nerve pain. Unfortunately i have not been able to get it for a few months now and the dispensaries near me dont carry cresco labs products i would have to drive 2 hours to get them if they were in stock which they havent been since march or april. Since then i have been using pinapple juice strain from song higher thc content at almost 30% but in ohio that is tier 2 and considered a 4 day supply for 2.83 grams verses a 2 day supply of same amount if under 23.99%thc. where ohio came up with these numbers i have no idea. But that has nothing to do with cresco i like thier products that ive tried but they are just too hard to keep in stock and for me too far away.

  4. Josh on

    All your buds suck learn a lesson from goldleaf about how to produce a quality product. When all other brands out and only cresco left I smoke nothing lol cause they suck!!!

    • Frank on

      Jose – try some Reserve. Patricia – the 25% decline in the share price is due to arbitrage/dilution re: the April 1st deal to buy of Origin House.

      I plan on waiting 3-5 years and selling my stock after Cresco Labs is the largest and best vertically integrated cannabis company in the U.S. That of course assumes it’s not bought out itself by then.

    • Chris on

      I agree all bud sucks from them along with butterfly effect all small to tiny buds until they wake up and get the prices to what we can afford the black market will always be there thankfully .100. to 200. an ounce is where they need to be .What a joke Ohio ‘s over priced medical cannabis .

  5. Kathy McManus on

    I like the wellness focus, that is my interest in educating and promoting. I live in Naples Florida and in addition to being an RN, I have my certificate from Gulf Coast University- Cannabis Professional Certificate Program. Do you think you will be opening a dispensary in Bonita Springs or Fort Myers?

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