Cultivation Snapshot: U.S. Wholesale Marijuana Prices and Supply

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When MJBizDaily editors published the first Cultivation Snapshot in 2018, there were just six recreational markets to cover. Today, there are nine.

Over the last few years, wholesale marijuana supply and prices have experienced dramatic highs and lows in mature adult-use markets such as Colorado, Washington state and Oregon, due to oversupply and then swelling demand. Newer markets such as Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan are starting out strong with both high wholesale prices and constrained supply, as cultivators work to meet fervent demand.

Medical marijuana programs are all over the map – some of the longer-standing market prices are evening out, while others are still catching up with both expanding patient counts and high prices.

This newly updated free report analyzes the overall wholesale situation and provides businesses with what to look for in trends, identifies where they are in the price trend cycle and allows them to see how saturated the market is in order to make informed investment decisions.

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This report provides information on and analysis of the wholesale cannabis supply and price situation in Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state, as well as an overview of medical marijuana markets.

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