Cultivator to sell cannabis at production facility – a first in Canada

The lobby of Canopy Growth's Tweed facility in Smiths Falls, Ontario. (Photo by Justin Tang)

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A licensed producer in Newfoundland has received permission to sell marijuana to consumers at its cultivation facility, an industry-first in Canada that executives hope will catch on nationwide.

Canopy Growth announced this week that consumers will be able to buy cannabis products at a Tweed store on its production site.

So far no other province has indicated it will allow farm-gate sales.

“Buying farm-gate is certainly an exciting opportunity for cultivators, especially in light of branding restrictions,” said Aaron Salz, founder of the Toronto-based Stoic Advisory consulting firm.

“It’s a great way for them to educate consumers on the product, while building brand at the same time.”

Canopy Growth spokesman Jordan Sinclair said the outlet will offer dried flower, a variety of oils and softgel capsules, along with merchandise like hats and T-shirts.

“We’re creating a tourism draw to the town,” he said. “We want people to come and learn about the product, about the business and have a tour of the facility.

“The old saying, ‘You exit through the gift shop,’ is not lost on us.”

Canopy has lobbied the Ontario government to allow sales at its Smiths Falls headquarters but, so far, to no avail.

The trade organization representing most of Canada’s licensed producers says it’s only a matter of time before more provinces follow Newfoundland’s lead.

“We think this would be a great economic and social enabler and can even be turned into a tourism experience,” said Allan Rewak, executive director of Cannabis Canada Council.

“Many people would love to invest in this in Southern Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta to create a wine country-type of experience linked to cannabis that would include point-of-sale at production facilities.

“This becomes an anchor for an experience rather than just a store.”

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5 comments on “Cultivator to sell cannabis at production facility – a first in Canada
    • SoHardDoneBy on

      This whole racket is a slap in the face to so many potential small business owners who have waited decades AND fought for this opportunity , risking their freedom every year that went by.
      Of course every province has different rules, allowing those cannabis entrepeneurs in Alberta and B.C. to succeed.
      Haven’t they had it good enough all these years,not having the laws apply? It just keeps getting better for the west coast.

  1. Lynda on

    Don’t make yourself look jealous….it’s not a good look. I live near the wine country in California and have watched the growth of both small and large wineries over the last 50 years. It’s a beautiful thing! People, like me, really enjoy learning about visiting and trying the new wineries. It just makes the whole experience keep you going back….if you enjoy wine! It’s not like Amazon putting small businesses out of business or shutting down local stores; especially book stores. Amazon is for people too busy to get in their car, drive, park and actually go look at and try on clothes or shoes, etc. They often just keep the items rather than go through the return process….not such a good idea for children’s shoes. No worries…Enjoy the process!


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