Curaleaf fined $250K for Massachusetts marijuana ownership snafu

Massachusetts-based Curaleaf was fined $250,000 for failing to disclose a change of ownership structure related to its cannabis operations in the state.

The fine relates to Curaleaf Massachusetts changing its status from not-for-profit to for-profit but not detailing additional changes as parent company Curaleaf started trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), according to

The Cannabis Control Commission said Curaleaf made a mistake but had essentially acted in good faith, the news outlet reported.

The company has also faced problems over medical claims it has made about its CBD products.

Curaleaf trades on the CSE under the ticker symbol CURA.

More details on the Curaleaf situation can be found here.

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2 comments on “Curaleaf fined $250K for Massachusetts marijuana ownership snafu
  1. jeff l on

    Seems to me Curaleaf is being made an example of, for the industry .
    But when you have a company that is trying to gobble up all the quality companies with quality products as fast as they are to gain market share , you are bound to have misunderstandings with the states your in.
    Hope the best for the company. Especially because i`m an investor…

  2. Baron on

    It seems a new type of short attack can be achieved with insider trading by way of tips by Law Firms for a company start-up to face suit law AD attacks. AD attacks using PAID “law suit Ads” The smaller investor is the one paying for the law suit bash short attack. To lose the plus 30% and qualify you’d need to have $450,000 dollars vested @ 140,000 shares in losses, or you’d have had to paid top price. Question is?:
    How many are still holding and when their forecast recovery begins this will be in rearview mirror & suits will have a regulation. Don’t miss out just cause it’s not 10 or 20… “Don’t look for a long lasting red to continue as dots get connected up.

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