Curaleaf settles 10 lawsuits related to THC-labeling snafu

Massachusetts-based Curaleaf Holdings settled 10 lawsuits brought after an Oregon subsidiary mistakenly sold THC-infused tinctures that were labeled as containing only nonintoxicating CBD.

According to Willamette Week, the multistate operator paid $50,000 to settle one of the lawsuits brought by consumers who purchased the tinctures.

Terms of the other nine settlements weren’t disclosed, and the company still faces three active lawsuits over the mislabeled “wellness drops,” the news outlet reported.

The tinctures that led to the legal firestorm were manufactured and labeled by Cura Cannabis, a Portland, Oregon, company that is owned by Curaleaf and runs the marijuana brand Select.

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The mislabeling issue first came to light in September, and consumers immediately began filing lawsuits against Cura and Curaleaf.

Among the cases that have not yet been settled included at least one wrongful death claim.

The customer who settled his lawsuit with Curaleaf, Ayuba Agbonkhese, will serve as a witness in upcoming cases involving the tinctures, his attorney told Willamette Week, including in the wrongful death case.

Those cases might be heard in court this summer or fall, the outlet reported.