curing cannabis | trimming marijuana plants, Proper trimming, curing are key to creating a quality marijuana product

Cannabis flower should be properly dried and stored to preserve trichomes and terpenes that express the best quality of each cultivar. (Photo courtesy of Bonsai Cultivation)

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the November-December issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

Trimming and curing marijuana are two crucial steps in the final stages of getting flower to market.

All the time and effort a marijuana cultivation company spends caring for its plants could be for naught if there’s a poor trim or cure.

Ryan Gomez, co-founder and head of cultivation for PurLife in New Mexico, said the end process is “like running a race.”

Several cannabis cultivation experts shared tips with Marijuana Business Magazine for growers seeking to fine-tune their trimming and curing processes, including:


If the trimming and curing process goes as planned, one should be able to hold a finished flower bud, turn it around and see sparkly trichomes in the light and smell terpenes that correctly reflect the strain.

But if the cultivator hasn’t been diligent during the trimming and curing of the plant, “it’s not going to end up like that,” said Tom Stevenson, CEO of Bonsai Cultivation in Colorado.

More information about trimming and curing is available here.