DC juice delivery business exploits legal MJ loophole

This is a new one.

A lot of marijuana businesses have gotten creative over the years in order to get around legal hurdles that hamstring cannabis entrepreneurs, but a new delivery service in Washington DC is pushing the boundaries even further.

HighSpeed delivers juice with a “side” of cannabis despite a ban in DC on recreational marijuana sales, according to Washington City Paper.

The company, which has about 300 customers, claims that it’s only selling juice, and thereby following the law.

But customers can choose from three codeword options, all of which include a sample of cannabis, according to media report.

For “just juice,” which costs about $11, customers receive juice and about a gram of marijuana. The next level is juice with “love,” which bumps up the price about $44 and comes with roughly an eighth of an ounce of marijuana.

The third option is “lots of love,” which costs about $150 and comes with even more cannabis.

Customers can choose from 11 different juice products, according to DC Inno.

A spokeswoman for HighSpeed told Washington City Paper that the company has vetted its business plan with attorneys and feels it is on solid ground, given that it’s legal for an adult to give marijuana to another individual.

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2 comments on “DC juice delivery business exploits legal MJ loophole
  1. Mel on

    I live in South Carolina. Sadly all I can do is get excited seeing MJ being a basic cure all (CBD). Helping so many live a normal live with less to no seizures. To folks like me who just enjoy lighting up with out fear the smoke smell will bring a unwanted knock to my door. All I can do is hope it gets decriminalized after this election. So everyone be sure to vote if you usually say my vote doesn’t matter. Because this time it does matter. Be sure to vote the right person in!

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