Denmark embarks on limited MMJ program but will import cannabis

Beginning in 2018, medical cannabis will be legal in Denmark for 1,500 patients who suffer from chronic diseases.

But the Danish government currently plans to import the cannabis from state-run producers in the Netherlands, Business Insider Nordic reported. That isn’t going over well with some Danish farmers, who are lobbying their government to allow them to serve the new market.

The Danish farmers’ arguments could be bolstered by estimates that suggest Dutch suppliers would be able to produce only 10% of the necessary supply, according to Business Insider Nordic.

“It will create both job opportunities and revenues, so why not grasp that opportunity,” said Lars Hvidtfeldt, vice chairman of Landbrug & Fødevarers, a Danish lobbying firm employed by the farmers to make the case they should produce the cannabis.

Denmark is the latest European country in the past year or so to enter the legalized medical marijuana market. Others include Germany, Croatia and Macedonia.